Check this Lawn-Care Timetable

• Rake up debris and leaves from winter season.

• Flourishing period starts. Trim turf 3 inches high. Leave clippings on yard.
• Apply initially dosage of eco-friendly fertilizer.
• Treat for crabgrass with pre-emergent herbicide or eco-friendly corn gluten.

• Pull or spot-treat dandelions or deal with whole yard with post-emergent weed control or lime.
• Fertilize six to eight weeks after very first dose.

June-- July.
• Water if rains is below 1 inch a week.
• Treat for grubs utilizing useful nematodes.

Late August-- September.
• Dethatch and aerate with core aerator when rains ground and resume softens.
• Fertilize and seed.
• Spread weed-and-feed over entire yard or spot-spray with lime juice and vinegar.

October-- November.
• Rake leaves.
• Enrich six to 8 weeks after last feeding.
• At last cut, after a couple of frosts, trim 2 inches high.
South: Zones 2, 3, 4.

• Growing season starts. Mow 3 inches high (1 to 2 inches for Bermuda turf). Leave clippings on lawn.
• Apply first dosage of fertilizer.
• Treat for crabgrass with pre-emergent herbicide or corn gluten.

• Plant seed.
• Dethatch and aerate.

If rainfall is below 1 inch a week, • Water.
• Fertilize 6 to eight weeks after very first dosage.

June-- July.
• Treat for fungus, if needed.
• Fertilize six to 8 weeks after 2nd dosage.

his explanation Late August-- September.
• Mow and water until lawn turns brown.
• When yard greens up once again, apply final dosage of fertilizer.

October-- November.
• Rake leaves.
• Continue mowing up until turf stops growing.

Pro Advice: Roger Cook, This Old House Landscape Contractor states, "To discover just how much water a sprinkler delivers in an hour, place empty coffee cans on the lawn and run the sprinkler for 15 minutes. Pour gathered water into one can and measure its depth. Split by the number of cans and increase by 4 to acquire the inch-per-hour rate. You'll know how long to water to make sure turf gets 1 inch a week, 1/2 to 1/3 inch at a time.".

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